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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
FBV 90/75. 5'7" and 195. I get them sharpened every 2-3 months.
Is this fairly typical for people to go months between sharpening?

I skate 4-5 times per week (not high level, I'm in D league and have only been playing a little over a year) and get them sharpened every 2-3 weeks. Otherwise I start to feel uncomfortable on my edges and I feel like I'm sliding all over the place.

Maybe I'm weird, but I came from speedskating where you sharpen your skates yourself every 1-3 times that you skate, so I'm used to having a nice sharp edge. I know a lot of the people I play with don't get their skates sharpened as often as I do, but nobody at the LHS has ever made any remarks about it being too frequent or anything.

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