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Originally Posted by Quo View Post
RedBlack is not an abstraction on the level of Prince's little dohicky. Red is a colour. Black is a colour. People know what they are. The logical jump required to imagine the conjunctive between the two (as it's presented in French) is minimal. We are red and black. MacGregor Tartan.... I can give RedBlacks a chance.
Well, it doesnt look like you nor the people of Ottawa, CFL fans have any choice in the matter. Youve gotta "give it a chance" & unfortunately now defend the selection. That its perfectly valid. But you'll have to do better than selling it as RedBlack harkening back to the Highlands & tartans. Rob Roy & Clan MacGregor. All that does is invoke images of Liam Neesom & the hilarious Tim Roth going at each other with over-sized cutlery. Or your other suggestion, Red Coats "Standing on Guard for Thee" outside the Parliament Buildings. An image guaranteed to alienate rather than welcome Francophones. A constant reminder on subconscious levels through the translation of "colour", more powerful than language of every battle lost to the English & the Centuries of persecution & subjugation that followed. Or fancifully that the iconic red & black Lumberjack shirt was a uniquely Canadian & American tog, stirring thoughts of yodeling slap happy Stevedores off in the woods, dancing across log jams in roaring rivers like Big Joe Mufferaw & Paul Bunyan... until adopted by Bikers, Stoners, formal wear for RedNecks....

Originally Posted by mrcrazycanuck View Post
Highlanders would have been better
That works provided were talkin a Hurley, Rugby, FC or even a hockey team.... over a pint of J&J Morisons India Pale Ale at Tappie Toories Pub in Dunfermline, Royal Burgh of Fife Scotland.

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