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06-09-2013, 01:08 PM
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If DP does not pick up another D for top 4 and its not a given he will the most logical thing they could do would be to pair Josi with Klein and Weber with Ellis or Ekholm of whom can carry the puck something Weber is weak at it would place heavy shots on each pair. It be a better option than to pair Ellis or Ekholm with KK. The other of the two will pair with Gill and Bartley will most likely be the spare. Blum will be moved even if it is for a pick there is just no room for two smallish defensemen and Blum is the odd man out really. This will mean that both Ellis and Ekholm will have to step up but I don't see a Hannan type 3rd pair guy being brought in. It is decision time for the young guys.

If DP does go out and sign a D-man then you can pretty much be sure that Ellis and Blum will be moved. It can also be expected that 3rd round and beyond will be used to stock the pipeline with more defensemen. Now if by some chance Jones drops in our lap then the whole plan would change.

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