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Originally Posted by niftymove View Post
Sure, for a Habs fan, it's really disappointing to have a team who can't compete regularly with the best for so many years.

Althou, we had some pretty bad management (Houle-Gainey) which takes many years to recover from, Montreal will always go to the bat with a few strikes against:

- Unlike Detroit and the other big cities, we hardly can bring any elite UFA thanks to medias, income taxes and the fans themselves....The big stars have choices and montreal his rarely one of them.

-So, unlike big cities, we have to rely mostly on the draft and trades to improve the team, wich means it is more imperative here to make judicious trades and let Timmins operates his magic with prospects.

Some help from the government would help if they were willing to make something about the absurd tax differential between Quebec and everywhere else....

Just think about the famous Salary should be 10% higher in Montreal to be equally competitive....
The tax differential between Quebec and everywhere else isn't absurd. A guy making $7 million will only pay about $250,000 more in taxes than a guy in New York and I don't see the Rangers struggling to sign free agents. That's not counting the greater endorsement/personal appearance/autograph signing opportunities in Montreal compared to US cities that frankly like other sports more. Even an anglo who can read French off a cue card like Gary Carter can rake in the money.

It's also worth remembering that it's been like this for a long time, and the Canadiens did not have trouble attracting people to play for them in the 80s.

I'm not saying it doesn't matter, but it doesn't matter as much as being good. The biggest problem is and always will be that the Canadiens are on average a 90-point team in the last 20 years. Guys will sign for NY, Boston, Vancouver, LA or other teams that in high-tax areas because they think they can win there. People don't feel like that about Montreal.

Edit: I've just remembered that US income taxes rose in 2013, so the gap between Montreal and the US franchises has certainly shrunk.

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