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Originally Posted by Go For It View Post
I'm pretty sure at some point he said he didn't want to go to the HR Derby because he didn't want to mess up his swing.
If he did say that, it's stupid. I mean obviously it's his choice but guys take this way too seriously with the whole 'it'll mess up my swing' thing. Just go up there and take some batting practice. Who cares if you don't hit any homeruns. What, are you going to be considered a laughing stock if you have a bad showing in a homerun derby? It's just something for fun.

It's like someone turning down the hardest shot comp at the NHL all star game cause they are afraid it will mess up their shot. Lol.

Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
He should of been gone after last season, now I just assume we're stuck with him until the off-season out of "respect". I don't know, I'm just saying if you really respect the guy then let him know straight up he's not doing his job well enough and that it be best if they two parties parted ways now.
It really is stupid, but expected from an organization who thinks that walks aren't important and who sign old, useless players instead of playing their young talent. I can't even watch hockey anymore to escape from it. All I've got is the same episode of the Phillies over and over, where they win a few games, Charlie does something stupid, the new players mess everything up, and then they suck again. Rinse and Repeat. I just want to see them going in a good direction. This is so lame. Even I'm stuck in a cycle, saying the same damn thing every week.

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