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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You do know that I'm talking about DRAFTED kids here. That not that long ago, when you asked a QMJHL kid who was their favorite team, that most if not all would answer the Habs. Now, you'll still have the guy who will say Hab from time to time, though will pretty much add "Well I am from here so it would be great to play for my hometown...BUT I also like the Wings and so on...". As far as Leafs are concerned, well I would also think that most Ontarian drafted kids do not have the Leafs as their favorite team. Probably a little more as there are more kids drafted from the OHL than the Q. But you would ALSO have Swedish, Finnish or even Americans who not that long ago would have Habs as one of their favorite teams for all sorts of reasons. Pretty sure that this will also be reduced by quite a lot, just like for the Leafs for quite some time now....

So favorite team has not being obligated to take for that team 'cause you actually come from Montreal but because you like how that team plays and you model your game over a star player. So yeah....I would think that neither the Habs nor the Leafs have the greatest fanbase amongst the drafted players.
Kids must be different where you come from, because most kids where I am still have the Habs as their fave.

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