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Okay I'm gonna post in here to ensure that people don't think I'm a Bruin troll. The B's are my first team (because of Marco Sturm ), but I follow the Flames closely and try to catch as many games as I can (it's difficult because games start at 3 AM CET and I already have many short nights because of the bruins, so I usually catch 10-15, 20 at most if I'm lucky).


Name: Hendrik
Location: Ruhrgebiet, Germany
Age: 19
When/How did you start following the Flames? I got into hockey with the game NHL 2005, and they always have the last SC matchup as the default match, so that time the lightning at home and flames on the road. Being the european I am I thought the home team was on the left- and chose the flames. I was playing with them, but didn't follow the actual NHL

In 2007 I started to get interested in the real sport, and discovered my fav player Marco Sturm was traded to the B's so I became a fan of theirs, but remained a for the flames. As my NHL watching grew stronger, the flames established themselves as my "girlfriend" team out west.

Favourite Flame?
Iggy is my favourite player, other than that Cammy and Jay-bo
Favourite Flame Prospect? Sven, but I hope Johny Gadreau becomes MSL 2.0. Such an enthusiastic kid.

How long have you been on HF Boards?

discovered it in 2011

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