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06-09-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
We do not draft defensemen in the early in the first round.
So we will not draft a #1 defenseman.
The only thing we might draft is a decent PMD in 2nd or later round.
This statement is simply not correct. The Flyers don't draft early in the first round, period. It is not an aversion to drafting defensemen early, it is the fact that they just don't pick early. They have drafted three times in the top ten since 2000. They took Pitkanen, JvR, and Couturier. Hard to argue that drafting a defenseman one third of the time that they pick in the top ten as not drafting defensemen early. Not to mention looking at the draft year with JvR there were absolutely no defensemen worthy of the number two pick.

We had a chance to draft a #1 defenseman but chose Couturier instead.
I wanted Hamilton at the time, but I don't really think you can argue with drafting Couturier at this point. Maybe personal preference, but at this point I think Couturier has shown more than Hamilton, and I feel their ceilings are about the same.

Since our pick is at #11 we are not likely to draft one anytime soon.
So I guess we will try once again to win with a mediocre defense.
Once again, the fact that they are picking #11 does not and will not preclude them from taking a defensemen. It doesn't guarantee they will, but to say they won't because the Flyers "do not draft defenseman early in the first round" is just inaccurate.

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