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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
That's a bad way to measure players, and I'll give you an example as to why: Old Teemu Selanne bested Alex Ovechkin three times in six seasons in terms of points or points-per-game in the years leading into the most recent lockout. All of those victories of Selanne's were marginal: Beat Ovechkin by 2 points in 2007, 1 point in 2012, .002 points-per-game in 2011. Ovechkin, of course, cleaned Selanne's clock in the other three years when he was winning Pearson trophies, and arguably had a better three year stretch of value in those seasons than the value of Selanne's entire career. But if you compare those six seasons in a binary Player A Wins or Player B Wins, count 'em up game, they look equal.
Except it is the only way to measure it since Thomas has only played those years. He was a rookie when he was 31. Selanne has been playing since the mid 90s, and OV since 06, so it is a stupid analogy.

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