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06-09-2013, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by PanicAttack View Post
Oh you think so ? ... Of course, I was pointing out players that could be valuable, as part of a package.
So, you think Bergevin is going to walk into Molson's office and propose that they basically cut their operating income for the year in half and give out 24 Million ( you say 22.5 million) for some package of picks or players?

Then you expect Molson to take that request to his family and 6 other ownership partners and tell them that he wants them to take a 24Million dollar haircut on their investment for something that has no ROI and may or may now pan out.

Uh huh, I see.

If the player is Tavares, perhaps the door doesn't slam in Bergevin's face otherwise he's just proposed the most stupid idea in the history of ideas and it's a matter of time before he gets fired.

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