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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
A player only has to clear waivers when being recalled if he is on a one-way contract or a two-way contract with an AHL salary >$95K.

If a player is claimed on Recall waivers, his original team is still responsible for 50% of his salary and 50% his cap hit for the remainder of his contract.

There is an exception to the $95K rule for veteran AHL players - 320+ professional games, NHL, AHL, or ECHL played (180+ pro games for Goalies), less than 40 games on an NHL roster the previous season, and less than 80 games on an NHL roster total the previous two seasons. Players meeting those criteria are exempt from recall waivers.

Players who are still exempt from waivers when being sent down are also exempt from recall waivers.

I don't beleive the teams could make the trade contingent upon the demoted goalie clearing waivers, but they could recall the goalie, wait the 24 hrs for him to clear waivers, and then consumate the deal.
That isn't how I understand it.

There seem to be two types of waivers and an exemption condition for each.

With out going through the CBA documented criteria for 'young players', young players (ie last year’s first round pick) are waivers exempt going up to the NHL and down to the AHL. Anyone else, unless playing as an injury replacement, are not waivers exempt. Whether going up or down, if 30 days have passed since the player last cleared waivers, he must clear waivers again if he is not waivers exempt. This helped replace the waiver draft at the start of the season.

THEN they have a second classification for "re-entry waivers" as you've documented above. That determines on re-entry to the NHL whether the player can be had by another team for 1/2 of his contract – sticking the original team with the other 1/2. Waivers exempt players are automatically re-entry waivers exempt.

JS Aubin, backup goalie for the Leafs, is re-entry waivers exempt using the rules you refer to above because he has enough pro games and has not been on a NHL roster for more than 80 games in the last two years. Tellqvist, the Leafs other backup on their roster last year, is not re-entry waivers exempt. Both goalies are not waivers exempt (too old/experienced, etc). But if both goalies cleared waivers and were sent down to the AHL and later both recalled, both would have to clear waivers coming while Tellqvist would not be 're-entry waivers' exempt and could be had by any other team for 1/2 price.

I don't know if I've explained it well but something had to be added to your explanation to cover this.

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