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Originally Posted by PayItForward View Post
Bergeron isn't flying under the radar - he won the Selke award last season. The only reason a portion of Bruins fans think he's underrated is because they like to consider him on the same level of Datsyuk/Toews/Kopitar and he's not. He's a great player, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he's a top 10 center, let alone a top 10 player I would build a team around, and personally I think he's rated just fine right now (although if the Bruins win the cup, I'm sure he'll be overrated just like every player on the cup winning team is every year).
Indeed... he won the Selke because, like I already pointed out, he has among the best (if not THE best) defensive instincts of ANY forward in the NHL. That's the whole point of the trophy. There is a reason Bergeron is moving on to the SCF while the league's "top dogs" hit the golf course.

Patrice also has great offensive instincts too. Not to mention he was top 3 in the league this year in faceoff win percentage. Such is par for the course

Anyhow, I still feel like he is underrated around the league. Why, you might ask??

Well for a playmaker of his talent, with his work ethic, defense, etc -- the faceoff % domination is just a cherry on top -- and for a guy who seems to make players around him better... he is still conspicuously left off "Top Ten Centers Lists" all over HF forums. All the time.

Perhaps I am just being a homer... but for Bergeron to not be considered a top 10 center is just mind-boggling to me. He is a big part of the reason the Bruins rolled over Bettman's Boys, and made it look easy.

On THAT note, i'll add one more thing. I've been lukewarm on Tuukka Rask ever since that 2010 choke against the Flyers... but i believe this season he has put that well behind him and this playoffs will prove to be his "national coming out party" as a top goaltender in the NHL.

Rask's technique is so sound he actually makes quality saves LOOK pedestrian because his positioning is perfect so often. And he is still very young... he had a quality regular season but he has taken his game to another level this postseason.

Then again, i will admit that the Bruins' chemistry and awesome team defense does help him out, obviously. But he still shut out Cindy, Gina and the rest TWICE. Two goals in almost 14 periods of playoff hockey!!!

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