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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Why is it greedy to want a player that Timmins might have in his Top 10?

Best draft since 2003 they say. That's awesome. How about you look at the players selected 34th and 36th in that draft. Hell, I'll do it for you. Mike Egener and Vojtech Polak.

Would you rather have Anthony Stewart (25th), Egener (34th) and Polak (36th), or Parise (17th) and Polak?

Now obviously these are two different scenarios, but we have one of the best drafters at the helm in Timmins. If he really likes a guy and wants to move up, then by all means. I prefer quality over quantity. I feel the Habs did well in quantity last draft. With this many picks in the Top 90 they should consider moving up. This isn't like moving up in 2010 and losing any shot at a decent player in the 2nd round. You still have two shots (34/36 and 55) as well as an early shot in the 3rd round. People here act like it would be the end of the world. The Habs are in a great position to bargain.
The Cup is won by the team with the most depth. In a salary cap world, that depth is acquired through the draft because that is where it most cheaply available.

L.A. had 8 plays produce around 0.50 PPG in the Play-offs last year.
The Bruins had 9 do the same and 8 during the regular season.
Chicago had 9 do the same and 9 during the regular season.
Pittsburgh had 8 do the same and 8 in the regular season.
Detroit had 10 do the same and those same 10 did it in the regular season.

You can't go around trading a 1st, 2nd and 3rd to grab one player if he's only going to be marginally better than what will be left at those picks. You mention Timmins is the best in the business, do you really think he will whiff on 25, 34 and 36? He probably won't even whiff at 55.

So far in the 2nd round Timmins has given us:
Cory Urquhart (Bust)
Maxim Lapierre (3rd line pest)
Guillaume Latendresse (2nd line player when not injured)
Ben Maxwell (Played in NHL, did not stick)
Mathieu Carle (Played in NHL, did not stick).
PK Subban (Norris candidate defenseman)
Danny Kristo (Looking like a potential 2nd line winger played for Team USA at Worlds)
Sebastien Collberg (Too early to tell but looking like a top 6 winger)
Dalton Thrower (had a rough season, could be a gritty bottom pairing D)

All of Timmins picks in the 2nd round have made it to the AHL except for the newest ones.
Only one of those picks except for the last 3 have no played an NHL game.
3 of them can be considered busts.
A star NHL D and a former 30 goal scorer in Latendresse
The recent 3 all look like good bets despite Thrower's recent struggles.

I wonder what this list would look like if Timmins actually HAD some more 2nds because for the most part, our GM has thrown them out like candy to other teams.

If the price to move up is any more than one of our 2nd round picks, we do not move up. If we're going to use one of our, essentially 1st round picks, to move up, then I certainly hope we can get a 4th or 5th back.

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