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Originally Posted by phillytennis View Post
McCarron reminds me of a slow moving Keith Primeau.
I'm starting to think that Grant is one of the very few on this site, who is as upbeat about McCarron.

Grant's recent McCarron endorsements:

He is the player I want the Habs to take at 25 if he's there. I see his upside as a second line 6-5 winger who can score 20-25 goals and 40-50 points and chip in 100-150 PIM's. Not many of them in the NHL folks.
Bickell was very good offensively in junior? Not at McCarron's age....he wasn't half the prospect McCarron is at the same age. I saw Bickell lots..he was a dog at 17.

So the only thing you concede in his favour is that he's dominant physically..but only because he plays against guys who are 3-3 and 110 pounds. That's like deriding Crosby for being fast because his legs are bigger than everyone else's. Or saying "Sure..Stamkos is the best goal scorer in the NHL, but that's only because his wrists are so strong."

McCarron played against predominantly 19-21-year-olds and dominated them have to like his odds of being able to do that at any level when he's fully grown.

Is he the most skilled player in the draft? Of course not. How many 6-5 230 pound forwards are? But to say his skills are poor is simply wrong...skate and handles the puck well for a 6-5 guy..has some passing skills and a heavy wrist shot.
No disrespect, but you are skeptical about his upside based on.... looking at stats and seeing him play on TV once? Been told since January by a few scouts that he's a first rounder..I've thought so since seeing him in the fall actually.

I see long term upside without question..he is huge, can skate, has a good shot, has decent sense. Much like Gauthier, he is only going to get better as he grows into his body. Also been told that he's "tough as nails."

Not many people thought Lucic had ANY offensive upside in his draft year. McCarron can't fight like Lucic..but he can sure as hell skate better

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