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10-11-2006, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Actually that's something I wanted to bring up but I didn't want to start a thread just for that...About Lats, people hail him as a power-forward but that's never been his game...The guy who skates around and hits everything like in training camp is not Latendresse...It could be, with the proper development but that's not his game in juniors. Who's to say he will be a power foward?

Anyways I think he needs to work on his speed. That's his weak point and if he works on that he has great potential.
He's not slow at all, you exagerated grostly on that. He's as fast if not faster than Kost, who's the one who would replace him. Of course he looks slower on the 4th line as he's not "réchauffé" (can't think of the english word). Many players look completely different when they are on the 4th line without PP time (see Perez).

I follow him since Midget AAA and he never liked to play physical. He never needed to do it and it's not very wise anyway in the Q for a talented player. I think he needs to have this side of the game in the NHL specially in his early years (guys like Shannahan and Tkatchuk don't hit much anymore) but it's not in the Q that he'll devellop it.

What he needs is pressure and coaching, the NHL is the best place for that. The more important is that he is a huge talent with a very interresting potential. Most people here don't realize how skilled this guy is.

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