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06-10-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
Made that proposal the other day... Habs fans mostly called me names, but I think they greatly undervalue the importance of a guy like Malkin, or rather overrate their own players.



Tinordi OR Beaulieu OR 2013 first

I think that makes the Pens a much more balanced team, while drastically improving their position of weakness. Pacioretty is on a great contract as well, as I consider him a better player than Neal while being paid less. Plekanec would give them that stabilizing defensive presence on the second line while being able to chip in offensively at times and give them around 50-60 points a year. Tinordi is a great SAH defenseman that would be ready to assume a full time role as soon as next year. Beaulieu has more upside, but is less of a need for the Pens considering his PMD role. Or, they can take our 2013 first and pick whichever guy they feel would fit them best at that position.

Malkin gives the Habs the true #1 center they've been looking for over the last two decades. I'm not worried about the "he won't have anybody to play with" that my fellow Habs fans brought up since he can be a 100 points player with whoever he plays. It also takes off pressure from Galchenyuk shoulders to become "the" guy in the next few years. It also, oddly enough, gives us the chance to build a team based on the model that made the Pens successful during their 08 and 09 cup runs, possibly having three impact centers at a time (in a few years, with Malkin, Galchenyuk and Eller). Fleury would be coming back since his value is as close as it can be to 0 and the Pens wouldn't be able to afford the trade without sending him back. We would take him in hope to salvage his career after coming back to his hometown.

The only real downside for the Habs in this trade is the downgrade between the post considering we lack depth at that position in our prospect pool. Otherwise, we are a significantly better team.

As for Pittsburgh, they are a much more well rounded team that can finally play both a shutdown time game AND a high paced offensive game if need be. Plekanec brings them versatility, Pacioretty may be the winger Crosby has always dreamed to play with, Price can steal them games and Tinordi should develop into a big, minute-eater shutdown defenseman within the next few years.

When we look at what Thornton got a few years ago, I think this is a great offer for the Pens. They shouldn't bother asking for either Galchenyuk or Subban, because there's no way I'd trade them away at this point in time.
thoughts? i love the deal, adding fleury to it allows us to maintain our core of gally/galch/subban/eller cus he has negative value for pits. and he only has 2+ years left on his contract too, best case scenario he steps his game up and we resign him

i would only give them a 1st rounder tho

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