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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
Still, the guy pretty much made a thread to say he wasn't bad. Fact is;

His team got worst every year
He was AWFUL with medias, players, coaches, well pretty much everyone
He didn't know what his team should look like. In a period of 6 months, went from: "We're a smart and quick team" to a "You need big players to win in this league".

I don't understand why people take moves like Russell - Blunden and say that's a 4 stars move because "Blunden ended up better than Russell". You take a look at Gauthier's moves as a whole, and fact is; he didn't know where this team was heading. He was reactive and he was improvising solutions when he should've had a good idea of what his team was going to look like.
His team got worse every year? The Canadiens went from barely finishing 8th to competing for the division lead the following year, that is, until Max Pacioretty got hurt in the Chara incident and ended up finishing 6th, but there was a net improvement on the previous year. The Habs went 16-6-5 from the Wisniewski (Dec 31st until Begining of March) trade to the Pacioretty injury. They finished the season 7-7-1 after the injury and lost a 7 game series against Boston 4-3 where both teams scores 17 goals in seven and where Boston had to win 3 games in OT in order to advance to the second round. It was a hard fought and extremely close series against the eventual cup champions. I wouldn't call that getting worse every year. They had improvement in one season and then finish last the next.

As a GM Gauthier definitely was reactive and didn't surround the team with the best of cultures, but when people speak of his tenure, it's highly exaggerated. His biggest mistake last season was banking on a healthy Markov without getting an adequate replacement. Instead he chose to ice a very very young defensive squad led by Gill, Subban and Gorges which made us lose games early in the year as the team couldn't hold onto a lead to save their lives. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) it led to his firing. The Canadiens couldn't make up for the amount of games lost earlier and key players kept going down to injury afterwards...Gauthier eventually threw in the towel, firing his coach and trading for picks.

I think what people are trying to say is that the fan reaction to Gauthier was extremely exaggerated. Does that mean he was a great GM? No, but he certainly wasn't as awful as he was portrayed to be and it showed in the fact that all it took was a little culture change to turn last year's last place roster into a competitive team (this doesn't mean the team doesn't need work).

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