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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
It's not uncommon for these boards especially to vastly overrate prospects and their impact in the NHL. Halak was a big part of the playoff run but if you're going with Price as your #1 then would have little to no impact on any subsequent runs so even though it was a trade for the future it doesn't hurt the present (If you believe in Price). As for shopping him, see Habs03's posts.

There's nothing wrong with looking at both the future and the right now. In fact it's what you should be doing. Often times it's a balance, and it's clear that Gauthier did a good job of that in this instance.

He's bigger, more physical, is better defensively, and creates more space for his linemates. We were considered small/soft so he traded arguably our smallest/softest player for a bigger player. Cammalleri is the better player which is why we were able to get the cap space + picks/prospect, but Cammy was struggling with us because our top-6 was out of balance with too many perimeter players guys and not enough drive the net players.

I never said Cammy was aquired to crash and bang, but our top-6 had too many perimeter players and not enough crash and bang guys so it makes perfect sense to trade one for the other. Because of the difference in skill we also got some picks/prospects. As great as Cammy was in the playoffs, he wass being paid 6m and would struggle to score 20 goals in the regular season. Which makes it tough to even make the playoffs.

Cole was worth every penny that year and was then turned into more assets once he started to struggle. Kaberle will not be on the team when the cap drops so is irrelevant.

C'mon. You can't look at just one deal in a vacuum. If you're talking about cap relief, you must look at other deals. Trading Cam because you took on cap for Kaberle is downright stupid. The Cole deal was not a good one. Because Bergevin had the foresight to get rid of Cole should not reflect positively on Gauthier. With Gauthier here...we keep Cole and pray that he gets better next year...then trade him for a late round pick and take salary back. I have no doubt that Gauthier would have bungled that situation.

Cammy would have been a great player to have this year, especially in the playoffs. Cam for whatever reason has really gotten pooped on here...along with our captain and leading goal scorer (3 out of 4 seasons) in Brian Gionta. It makes NO sense at all.

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