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06-10-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilception View Post
Players leave organizations that give them a chance all the time?
If he decided he wants to play pro and Liked Eakins alot and sees the opportunity i dont think its far fetched to beleive he might go to Edmonton? Just cause he played for the Marlies doesnt mean he is guaranteed to play for the Leafs if he decides to go pro.

Not saying he will for sure sign with the Oil either. but dont act like he has to stay in TO
He came to the Marlies because he didn't want to be in the spotlight in the NHL and because the Marlies still play in the big city, where his family lives, instead of the middle of nowhere. If he winds up playing in the NHL it'll likely be in Toronto, where he can be close to his family, not wherever Eakins is coaching. Thats why I'm so surprised Dreger is speculating away at the Eakins connection when Toronto fans know the City of Toronto connection is stronger. Oh well, its good for hits, I suppose.

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