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06-10-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Me too. I really want no part of yandle, and it's more simple of a rationale than you may think.

Couturier: 20 years old
Shattenkirk: 24 years old
Yandle: 26 years old

I understand that yandle isn't really old... But he's 6 years older than couturier and will be effective for a shorter time than couturier will be. Shattenkirk is only a little more than 2 years younger than yandle, but that's still better and he still fits into our young core better than yandle does. Moreover, Shattenkirk still has room to grow and improve. Yandle is likely what he'll always be: an offensive defenseman with average at best defensive capabilities and a reputation for coughing up the puck under pressure... Sound farmiliar? I'll give you a hint; my girlfriend has stronger wrists than him

I'm not all gung ho "lets trade couturier! Yay ilpatience!". I actually love couturier... But there's no sense in keeping these players we all want to keep because of their potential while we ignore the issues keeping this team from competing. I understand the rational that we should be more patient with young players, but if we keep all of Giroux Schenn couturier and Laughton, 1, they're all not going to reach their potential because there's only so much ice time for centers (I even have my doubts about couturier reaching his potential getting 3rd line minutes, he needs to at least be getting 2nd line duty. Something I don't think he'll get here) and 2, it's absolute moot if we aren't addressing the complete incompetence on the back end. We could have 4 of the best young centers in the world and it makes absolutely no difference if your defense is in the shape as ours is long term.
This is I think the most relevant part of your post. People will simply say, "get a #1 defender from the draft and keep all the centers!" As if that is a simple thing to do. It is more than likely that the Flyers will NOT draft a #1 defender in the time it takes all these guys to reach their peaks. Drafting a #1 defender is not easy. It is not likely. Risto/Zadorov/Nurse/etc might have #1 potential. MIGHT. But that doesn't mean they will reach it, and it doesn't mean that even if they reach it that it will be any time soon. If they don't, then we wait until next year and see if someone in the 10-25 range will turn out to be the #1 defender. And so forth and so on. Eventually, the Flyers I imagine will have that #1 defender. But when will it be? Two years? Five? Ten?

The odds really are, whether you care to admit it or not(not you, OIB, but you meaning people who want to hang on to Coots at all costs), that by the time Giroux, Couturier, Schenn, and Laughton (and the rest of the young core) are at their best, the Flyers will still not have the #1 defender they are looking for. That is not because Homer is a bad GM or because the Flyers can't draft defensemen or don't have patience or whatever your rationale is. It is because a true #1 defenseman is rare. There are probably 10 max in the entire league and including guys that have that true #1 defender potential who aren't in the league yet. Is it really a better idea to hold on Couturier and hope that he reaches his potential rather than to take a shot at a possible #1 defender and give up Couturier's potential? I'm not so sure it is. Of course, like you said, I wouldn't trade him just to trade him, but I would absolutely trade him for a defender like Shattenkirk, and probably would for Yandle too, depending on what else is invovled.

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