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Originally Posted by Sundinology View Post
A lot of experts will say don't ride a bike because it'll make your hips less flexible, but so long as you're not playing pro I think you'll be fine. One drill my coach would always have us do in college (club, of course) was to hop on the spin bike, and go 30 seconds as hard as possible then go light for 30 seconds, repeated for half an hour. When you get better at this try going for 45 seconds or up to a minute, then taking just as much time off for an hour. You'll notice results pretty quickly if you do this a few times a week.
Yes, it can make your hips less flexible as a pro or amateur. Yet that is if your doing it commonly.

Nothing is wrong with a 30 minute bike ride once or twice a week. Zdeno Chara tours all of Europe every summer on a bike ride and mountain climbing.

Know the differ between the differ types of stretching. Idc if your a pro or amateur of any sport, if your desire is to be a more healthy and/or fit human being, you should be properly stretching daily and weekly. There are a few types that should be performed differently and at differ times.

All have their strengths and weaknesses.

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