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06-10-2013, 12:15 PM
Steve Kournianos
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The select few around here who have had the dispeasure of paying attention to the Sabres the last five seasons can attest to the criminal nature Ruff handled his players -- notably his skilled ones.

Forget the public feuds -- **** happens. Ruff found a way to make his entire top-6 tune him out, and the Miller situation is a whole another mess.

What's endearing about Ruff? His jokes? Why not hire Don Rickles then. He'll probably be less insulting to the players than Ruff or Torts have been over their careers.

Players are notorious for having off years under Ruff. One on, one off. One on, one off. That's not coaching. Find me a key player who had an off year under Keenan or Arbour or Bowman or Burns that wasnt related to injury.

Ruff is like Barry Trotz. Massively overrated simply because the ownership never had the sack to ****-can a guy they felt was "nice".

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