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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Wow you really blew my point out of the water when you bring up 4 teams showing interest in Halak, instead of the 'about 3 at the most' that I stated. I could care less that Chicago took in Gauthier in a limited capacity, all I know is he will never be a GM in this league again. Nobody in their right mind would give that man a General Manager job again, not ever.

You still don't get it. That's my entire point. Everyone knew he was going to be traded, and numb-nuts generated around 4 sincere phone calls. There should have been a dozen teams lining up for Halak if a respectable GM was behind the wheel. It doesn't take a great deal of sleuthing to understand he had a limited amount of dance partners to deal with.
Like I said Gauthier seems to key on certain players he wants, like the Doug Armatrong quote, Gauthier wanted Eller, and got him, getting more calls doesn't mean better offers, but that's not my point.

You said he has limited trading partners, yet he has traded all his trades have been with different expect for 2 trades.

in regards to being a GM again, I don't think so but you never know, ppl said he would never got another after he was fired, not for hired pretty fast.

As the limited capacity, it has him 3rd man in charge behind the ast GM and GM, not as limited as you think

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