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06-10-2013, 01:10 PM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by Markowicz View Post
I never said we didn't need a lot more to compete. I just think one major stumbling block is the play and development of Carey Price. We're not even close to a team like the Blackhawks, who have multiple star players at every position. We have one, full fledged dominant star in PK Subban. That's it. Galchenyuk will get there eventually, but besides that we have a lot of work to do.
Firstly, the stumbling block of the Montreal Canadiens is not their goalie; trust me on this. If MB were to say, hypothetically, that CP31 is on the trading block, do you know how many teams would make an offer? At least half the league. He's a top 10 goalie in the NHL, despite your biased opinion that might be based on his most recent performance. He outplayed Thomas in 2011 Playoffs. His stats the past few years (not including this year where everyone agrees was bad, but still a 48-game season) have been great given that he's been playing in front of the "soft", "weak" low-scoring, badly defending Montreal Canadiens. Put Price on Nashville and he'd be almost as good as Rinne.

Secondly, the reason why the Blackhawks, where we're not even close to is because they have three PPG+ players where we don't even have one, they have a defensive unit that is all-around probably one of the best in the league, and their goalie played well for them this year. Ask CHI fans about what they thought of Crawford before this season and you'll hear something like "Inconsistent. Don't know which Crawford would show up, etc." Why do you think they had to go out and get Emery to back him up and play almost the same amount of games...?

Please don't compare us to the Blackhawks, where they got two top 3 picks back-to-back and also got to sign Hossa to a 12-year salary cap circumventing contract.

When was the last time Montreal signed a top 20 arguably top 10 forward in the NHL?

Didn't think you could remember...

Originally Posted by Markowicz View Post
When you give up softies early on in a game against a team with a great D, you completely lose focus. Pittsburgh needed a dynamic goalie that could keep them in games, give them a boost, and they never got it.
Pittsburgh needed ****ing Dominik Hasek to win their last game. They needed their scoring to wake up from being asleep for 3 games, give their goalie some confidence to not allow 1 goal or else they'll lose kind of deal.

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