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Originally Posted by rguy56 View Post
Look...I can't defend this position in any objective way, but I was personally impressed by Anthony Peluso's play before his injury. I know he's around for toughness, but his overall play was surprisingly good during his limited time with the Jets.

I'm going to call him a late bloomer, and propose that forwards, even at the advanced age of 24, can have unexpected upsides. He has never been a scorer, EVER, but I'm going to call him the best bang for the buck on the Jets. I could honestly see him hanging in there through a Stanley Cup grind.
He did pretty good in his short tenure... but it was so short it's really hard to evaluate him objectively. His much larger AHL career doesn't promise worlds of upside, but if he upgrades Thorburn, that's good enough for me.

Don't know about bang for buck though. Even the best 4th liners in the game give very little bang. They create very minimal effects both positive and negative just due to their TOI but also their usage.

Rob Vollman runs GVS for the league, which -although not perfect- gives the best indication for bang for buck.
2011-12 it was Wellwood, then Wheeler, then Kane
Be interesting to see 2012-13...

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