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Originally Posted by galvo View Post
So I can stick my PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs in the PS4 and they'll all run? Oh waii..

I'm pretty sure big ol' Microsoft snagged a bunch of the OnLive developers once that company went under. Wouldn't be surprised to see something similar to Gaikai in the Xbox One.

Honestly, both systems annoy me in terms of backwards compatibility. I just knock on Sony more since it completely butchered backwards compatibility in the PS3 - a video game system that was supposed to be the next big thing since sliced bread.

I also feel a little duped by Sony and the PS3:

- It cost $600 up front, which I couldn't afford, but the original SKU did play PS2 games.

- I was a HUGE Gran Turismo fan until GT4.. I couldn't wait for GT5 to see if they could save the franchise.. I waited.. and waited... and waited.. and waited.. Prologue? LOLogue. GT5 is here...! And I don't care, because I'm already balls deep in the better racing simulator: Forza

- Couldn't wait for Metal Gear Solid 4 - What a pile of ****. Solidsnake, you can't even disagree with me there, unless you have hardcore MGS fanboy blinders on. PS3 was supposed to be this graphics monster and yet MGS4 displayed at some low, abnormal resolution and looked like poo.

- New controller? Yeah! Sony took features out!

- The thing was as big as a dog house. It's impossible to sit another console or unit on top of the PS3.

- By the time I could afford a PS3 ($400 for the 80GB), Sony removed the PS2 emulator. My big, bad PS3 couldn't play PS2 games, but it could play freaking PS1 games. Go figure.

- I was also a huge God of War fan.. I lost interest by the time God of War 3 was finally released. It's hard to blame Sony or anyone on that, but it's just another gripe of mine.

- It took six friggin years for a new Twisted Metal game.

For what it's worth, I was a huge Sony Playstation fanboy when the original Xbox came out. I also discounted the original Halo, and couldn't believe that a game rated M could get Game of the Year. How could a game that is only available to a certain age group win GOTY?

It wasn't until I actually played Halo that I learned how awesome it was. It was a summer afternoon at a friend's house. Two TVs and two Xbox's were linked for some 8-player Halo action. Mind = blown. I ended up buying an Xbox that summer.

The hard drive in the OG Xbox had some nice features other than the ability to burn CDs to it. You could then play the burned music in-game, like with GTA: San Andreas that had a custom radio channel specifically for your burned music. The game even had commercials play in between your songs. Awesome stuff.

Also, the Xbox was simply a beast compared to the PS2. Games like San Andreas showed why.. Look at the graphical details like draw distance and jaggies and you'll notice how much better the Xbox version was. Of course, PC > *

Xbox to Xbox 360 saw noticeable improvements and also won the hearts of 3rd party devs. I bet there are millions of people who would prefer their PS2 to their PS3.
You do realize you can't stick in your 360 or Xbox game in the One and expect it to work right?

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