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06-10-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ChesterNimitz View Post
Yes, they both have two legs. I think Dauphin is a nice prospect, but like so many of the players in this draft, the hype is starting to blind reality. Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe that Dauphin's upside is quite as high as several other players that will be available at 25. Since my original 'wish' of Morin will almost certainly not be available, I still hold some hope that my next two wishes Bowey and Burakowsky, will. Yes, I know and acknowledge, that both have a risk element attached to them. But both have skill sets that may allow them to be difference makers in the future. This is something that I don't see in Dauphin's game. He's a 'safe' pick and will most probably play in the NHL. So what? This summer we can sign a half dozen guys who have, and can continue to play in the NHL. I stand by my original thesis that in the first round, we should be swinging for the fences. Identify the players with the highest upsides and select one of them. Let's gamble that we can pick an impact player. The type of player that becomes a core player on a team that can realistically compete for the Stanley Cup. Enough of the decades of mediocrity. We can use picks 34, 36 and 55 to select 'safer' players. To me if we can come out of this draft with 3 of Bowey, Burakowsky, Dickinson and Poirier (all exciting, high tempo players) we 'll have had our best draft since 84.
The Dauphin hype is bad but IMO, the Poirier hype is worse. I would be so mad if we drat him in the first and dissapointed with him in the early 2nd.

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