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01-06-2004, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by OYLer
Firstly, Smith has been put on the IR . Secondly, Jason Smith could be earning ZERO (0) next year because of an owners' lockout. In the NEW REALITY, post NHL work stoppage, he will likely be making less than he is making now. If our Captain were smart he'd negotiate a multi-year deal at a reasonal salary now.

In any event, trading him (while injured) before the trade deadline would be poor asset management and would have a disastrous effect on team morale. Those paying the freight (long time season ticket holders) would go ballistic. The purpose of hanging-on until a new CBA allows for small market teams to retain their core personnel, is to do just that--and retaining your team captain I dare say might just qualify as--core personnel!

Frankly, I'm so tired of all this Magic bullet trade talk, and, if only we could get the perfect draft pick crap. Detroit, the Devils, the Avs, and the Stars have won the Stanley cup because they can afford to carry more talent on their Taxi-Squads then the small market teams carry on their real payrolls. Detroit can afford to take a chance on a smallish forward with skills because they could always go out and purchase the services of guys like 'Jason Smith' when they finally learned how to play the difficult position of a top six defensemen. With all the injuries in the NHL, the 23 man rosters are just the first of 35 or more players that it will take to earn a Stanley cup. And all 35 bodies have to be of NHL quality.

The Oilers have to assemble a core rosters first, then build on that core with trades. With 30 NHL teams (six too many) the talent pool is depleted. The fans won't support the obscene salaries while mediocre players on trap-type teams clutch and grab their way to challenge for a Championship. All the while their bedazzled fans thinking they could possibly defeat the Big Market skill teams with the fattest wallet, come trade deadline, with the hottest goaltender, who will eventually win the Tainted Cup, year after year, anyway. Most new American fans love winners not hockey and have already chosen to watch Bowling before becoming hockey conscious. Older Canadian fans are disgusted and ready to spend their entertainment dollars elsewhere.

In today's NFL, with revenue sharing first and a salary cap second, any team can win the SuperBowl. The best organization, with the best coaches, the right player mix, a little luck can win it for their fans. Is having a fair opportunity to win too much to ask for, or will the NHL lose another 25% of its fan base before it clues-in? The reason we in Edmonton want the Oilers to at least make the playoffs is because ... down deep we know that unless the gameplan for the Business of NHL Hockey changes we've won our last Stanley Cup. Therefore, we have already reduced our expectations to 'if only the Oilers' could win at least round #1 before elimination!' and that fellow fans--is pathetic!!!
All this is fine in a fantasy world. Bottom line, he's free to go to the highest bidder after thsi season. A new CBA won't make him a restricted free agent after this year.

Dont get your point about him making $0 next year if there is an owners lockout. Don't see how it's relevant to this discussion. You want the Oilers to approach the Smith situation the same they did will Cujo, Marchant and Richardson? Why? So the Oilers can get screwed again. I'm all for keeping him, but if they'ee gonna lose him, he does have some value why not get something even if it's a the trade deadline.

Quite frankly, if you're tired of the trade talk, don't read them. Fact is, Smith being traded is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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