Thread: Confirmed with Link: Subban wins the Norris!!!!! (per Reality)
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06-10-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
PK's agent is Don discounts there biggie, he deserves his $$$
Well, that's the problem. The agent's motivation is not always the same as the player's motivation. Maybe PK just want a fair deal, long term, without compromising the team cap wise. IIRC, MaxPax's agent was not happy with the contract either, said he could have had more etc.

All the guys paid north of 7-8M end up playing with scrubs because the team is squeezed against the cap.

Overly simplified example: I'd rather have 6M and play with a guy making 3-4M, rather than having 8-9M playing with a scrub barely worth league minimum.

The extra 2M per year, mean that I'll retire with what, 100M in my bank account and maybe a cup ring? I'd rather retire with 80M in my bank account but having a shot at the cup year in, year out.

Wouldn't be surprised if some players actually think like this, while the agents just brainwash them because they need their cut.

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