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06-10-2013, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
This has always been an issue with me. He is the general manager of a NYC sports team. Yet you NEVER hear from him. Once a year, he'll give a state of the union press conference, then retreats back into isolation. How often do you hear from and read quotes from Cashman, Isiah, Alderson, et al? What's incredible is that the media lets him get away with it. He must send a helluva gift basket.
...and what was the ONE time we heard from Sather this year, aside from when he dismissed his coach? After the Cap series!

So Sather completely isolates himself from Ranger fans, which I suppose is his right (but not necessarily a good business decision), but when does he come out and show his face? When the team does the one thing it did right all season.

Thanks there to take credit, but slink away any time things are not going well.

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