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I believe the best thing for most people in any sport especially hockey would be Crossfit when it comes to health and fitness.

1) Crosstraining is practically HIIT. 45 minute daily routines to attack your whole body both aerobically and anaerobically. Both which are perfect for hockey players.

2) It is essentially a specific form of cross training involving the three major athletic features. External load control and power (Olympic Weight lifting); balance, flexibility and strength (Gymnastics); and quickness, acceleration, agility (plyometrics)

3) I say its great for everyone because of what else it provides. A great online and offline learning center for health, fitness and nutrition. Not just basics, and not just I believe so.. but provides a great insight on past experiments and teachings from science and health books that a lot of us usually have misconceptions of. They will teach you the basics as well as the proper form of training and working out as well as provide you a basic schedule guide and eating plans (not just 1, but multiple options for different people). They show you countless videos on differ recipes to meet your needs, to build a gym in your own home and more.

I have not joined a CF gym yet due to its high cost (actually relatively cheap when your discussing personal trainers and open box gyms but its too much for my means of living RIGHT NOW) and classes dont meet my specific and tough schedule.

But even though I have not joined I have taken their tutorials, their videos, their game highlights and even read their how to books (or the ones they recommend) and they introduction (which was GREAT for basics) and I made my own schedule.

I went from split work outs to full body work outs. Found them much more fun off the bat and see much better results. Have not really taken their intensity into my work outs but try to put in a HIIT routine in sometimes. Just the work outs in general I have a better time with. Faster, more efficient.

If any of you want to join CF though I would recommend doing the research though. Start with reading the basic guide on their website (journal) and then when choosing a gym I suggest doing a ton of research. The biggest flaw in CF is that it doesnt take much for anyone to open up a CF gym and thus they are not always the best of trainers. They want such high intensities they dont pay attention to form or basics.

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