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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
I hate to break it to you, but GM's usually deal with the same group of teams over and over again. Sometimes that group is big, sometimes small. Do you call people you dislike when you need something? Think about that.
Maybe not, but teams have Ast GM and that can work deals.

Burke had a big fight with Oilers GM Kevin Lowe, and when asked if it would stop him from making a deal with the Oilers, he said, he'll just have an ast GM work the deal.

And I'm just wondering who are these GM that don't like PG? Atleast to the point where they won't talk to him.

He has made deals with Fla,Canes, Blues, Coyotes, Preds, Tampa, Avs, Islanders, Ducks, Thrashers, Jets(new managment), Flames.

Was hired by the Hawks, and we can add San Jose, and the Flyers because Bob Mac confirmed that they were in on the Halak trade, so I doubt anyone there doesn't like him enough that won't make a deal....

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