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10-11-2006, 07:52 PM
Gino 14
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Originally Posted by Ti-girl View Post
She ran our goalie and took off her helmet with a high stick. So I told her that if she did it one more time I would aim for her head with a shot. So she slashed me across the back of the legs.

So I punched her when I was skating off the ice.

Though, hand meet cage tends to hurt.
First, if someone ran my goalie like that, they would not have gotten off with a warning. No one gets a free shot at my goalie. Warning someone like that is gonna get you a cheap shot 9 times out of ten. Punching someone with your fist in a cage, well you know now how stupid that is.

Take some time off or you may screw your hand up so bad you have no choice but to stop playing.

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