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06-10-2013, 06:20 PM
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Bridge contracts are better IMO, yes cap hit will be later, yes, but you are getting 2 years of Norris play at 2.85M. PPL seem to not pay much attention.

PPL think that signing guys for 5 years after their ELC need to know that after those 5 years the player is a UFA, which will be the case with Hall, E.Kane, Benn and the list goes up.

2 problems with that is they can walk away at the young age of 26-27, and while you can extended a year earlier, you have to pay even more, since you are buying only UFA years, and if you want to trade them, the value for a guy 1 year away from UFA is less than a guy who is an RFA.

When Subban contract is up, he would still be 2 years away from being an UFA, so if he wants too much money, or doesn't want to sign long term, his value is alot higher than a guy who is set to be a UFA in a year, also you would be buying 2 RFA years if you want to sign him to a 6-8 year deal.

Now I wouldn't have had a problem if Bergevin signed Subban to a 8 year deal last summer and bought 4 UFA years on the deal, but to give him what he wanted which was a 5 year deal to only buy 1 UFA year would have been horrible IMO.

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