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06-10-2013, 06:26 PM
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The screw up is in your thinking, not MB's approach, but as always you think you're smarter than he is and would-of-could-of done it better.
I thought that was the premise of this board? Also, again, that's quite rich coming from you considering your attitude towards anything regarding Gainey and Gauthier, especially in relation to their love for Carey Price. Though I'm not surprised, I think I can count the amount of times you haven't attacked another poster in your posts on one hand.

There are no below value signings, that's why these guys pay 5 percent to agents that know the market and where it's heading and who don't allow them into contracts that are low in value.

You think you have this all figured out that PK was ready to sign for a pittance a few months ago, he wasn't that's why he and management couldn't get a deal done. Now the course of action is set. He will get an extension after next year and get his fair value contract and the Habs are the better for it.
They couldn't get a deal done because as McKenzie reported, Subban wanted a 4.5m a year deal for 5 or 6 years while Bergevin wanted a 2 year bridge deal because he didn't feel like Subban had proven his ability yet. This has nothing to with being smarter than Bergevin. When the deal was signed, the Habs had the option of signing Subban long term at relatively low salary. Bergevin pushed his "bridge" deal. Now at the end of this contract we will probably need to sign Subban to a higher cap hit than what we could have signed him for.

For a GM who preaches the mentality of "every dollar counts", he sure didn't show much foresight in his handling of the Subban case.

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