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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Well it all depends on how management wants to build a team, I get what you mean by DD not fitting in on a 3rd line of its built in a classic way, having 2 scoring lines a checking line a d a 4th line, but you need that 1 top level scoring line for that to work, ex Ducks, Caps. We don't have that top line talent and since we actually use one of our top centre as a checking line (Plek or Eller later on), you can have a scoring 3rd line with DD.

Also this you can't win with DD in your lineup, I don't agree with, he didn't have a good playoffs this year, but in his first year in 2011, he did well and Martin actually gave him extra mins, he also always shows up vs teams like Boston, I think you can't win with DD as your number 1 centre playing vs other teams top dmen but if used wisely I think you can win with DD on your team
what hockey do you watch ? name one contender that has a dd in their top 6 , 9 or even team for that matter ? NAME ONE

He played like crap in the playoffs , cause he isnt built for the playoffs

how the hell can he play third line , which is a critical checking line that a Stoll plays ? if he gets no pp time and isnt sheltered how the hell can he produce with weaker linemates ?

Listen I maybe hard on on his play , but call a spade a spade

we effed up resigning him , he is made for the regular season only , he is utterly useless come playoff time and NO IN THE FINAL 4 RIGHT NOW WILL EVER PUT HIM IN THEIR LINEUP

and with our lack of size and grit to begin with it make it more obvious he a bad fit he is for us

ship him to Nashville or Calgary where he can float , spend 1/2 the game on his ass put up 50 points and win nothing

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