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Originally Posted by KreidertheGlider View Post
Brassard won't be a ppg player
He doesn't have to be, he needs to be better than Richards was this season, that's shouldn't be too difficult.
Stepan may regress (not saying he will but he might)
He might or he might not. Assume he has the same production as this season.
Kreider may not be groomed enough
I didn't have Kreider in my list. Anything he provides is gravy.
Lindbergh may not transition well
That's a risk sure, but we had Boyle as 3C this season. i think it's safe to say Lindberg will outproduce Boyle's 5 points (10 point over 82 games)
Staal may not recover completely ( or at all)
Team played without him for the majority of the season. Again, anything he provides is gravy.
Even if that team is as projected, with nothing going wrong, they aren't a contender.
My point is the team on paper is better than this season's team.
Being a contender or not will depend on many things. The coach, the system, how the lines gel, injuries, luck ...
Islanders, Montreal and Toronto were not even playoffs teams before the season. Ottawa was an afterthought after all the injuries. The Devils were world beaters in the beginning of the season.
Boston struggled to close out the season, they finished behind Montreal in the standings and if they don't make a miraculous comeback against the Leafs, they are not where they are now.
Chicago were world beaters the whole season, they needed a come back from 1-3 deficit and game 7 overtime to beat Detroit.

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