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01-06-2004, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
All this is fine in a fantasy world. Bottom line, he's free to go to the highest bidder after thsi season. A new CBA won't make him a restricted free agent after this year.

Dont get your point about him making $0 next year if there is an owners lockout. Don't see how it's relevant to this discussion. You want the Oilers to approach the Smith situation the same they did will Cujo, Marchant and Richardson? Why? So the Oilers can get screwed again. I'm all for keeping him, but if they'ee gonna lose him, he does have some value why not get something even if it's a the trade deadline.

Quite frankly, if you're tired of the trade talk, don't read them. Fact is, Smith being traded is not beyond the realm of possibility.
Did you actually read my post, especially the 1st 2 paragraghs, maybe hit the link provided. Try considering and alternate point of view that is well argued, before you typo and misspell a lame response.

Trading Smith now would be plain dumb! Plus players on the IR can't be traded. Maybe, as I have already suggested, at the trade deadline, after he has definitely chosen to go unrestricted, and TO or Philly will mortgage tommorrow for a Smith today, only trade Jason when the Oiler can get the best return.

Further, IMHO those that would suggest we trade our captain when he is injured aren't true fans but people with too much time on their hands. Fans like players should exercise character and restrainst. No wonder NHL players like Tie Domi advise Darcy Tucker not to ever read the papers, watch the news or visit fan forums. It's no wonder NHL players become so quickly alienated from the fan base. My argument, if you had read it, suggested we should be able to resign Jason Smith, because no teams will be paying players more in the future. Players will be earning less--don't you get that???

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