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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
The bridging contract was (and still is), in my opinion, the right thing to do.

One of the toughest situations for Bergevin to handle as a brand new GM might have been the contract talks with stand-out defenseman P.K. Subban and his agent Don Meehan, a shrewd negotiator. While the jury is still out as to who was right or wrong, Bergevin ultimately got what he wanted, in signing his young talented player to a bridging two-year deal, which is a steal for this year and the next, especially that the salary cap is going down for the 2013-14 season. Further, to Bergevinís credit, he knew that Andrei Markovís $5.75M deal expires on time for Subbanís next contract, freeing up some much needed space.

Speaking of Bergevin and his decisions, he wanted P.K. Subban to sign a bridge contract to prove what he could do. Subban held off for a long-term deal and ultimately, Bergevin got what he wanted. Opinions differ on whether or not Bergevin made the right decision or not, and there are very good points to debate either way, but it is my humble opinion that Bergevin made the right choice. Too often do we see young players getting their long-term lucrative contracts only to get a drop in production. Lightningís defenseman Matt Carle when from a 38-40 points guy down to 22 points last year after signing a contract which will pay him $5.5M per season until 2017-18. Ask Buffalo how they feel about Tyler Myersí contract/performance. Do you think that the Hurricanes are a bit concerned about giving Jeff Skinner a long term deal at $5.75M per season after his last season? The fact is that it gives Bergevin more time to see what Subban is all about. By the looks of things, it looks like the Norris candidate was a bargain last year and will be next year as well, when the salary cap goes down. We also know that by the time Subbanís next contract hits, Andrei Markovís contract will have expired. Itís a gamble that Bergevin was willing to take under the circumstance and I feel like it was the right decision.

So what if Markov's contract will expire? The goal is to have PK and Markov, or find a replacement for Markov which won't come cheap.
And what if Markov has a great year next season? Then what? We'll just let him walk?
Why? Do we have a PP QB in the AHL I don't know about?
Subban just lead the NHL in PP pts with Markov right behind at second.
Together they rallied up 49pts. The next duo for PP production is Toronto with Phaneuf and Fransen with 29pts. Heck, PK almost had as many points as those two combined (26pts).
Markov can also be pretty good in his zone when he doesn't have to carry a scrub.
So, if he can remain healthy for the most part next year again, after another summer of training, and finally getting back to playing hockey, I don't see why he wouldn't have a good-great year. If that's the case then we'll want to re-sign him.

We have a pretty good one-two punch with PK and Markov.

And people have to start naming players as if the situations were similar.
Jeff Skinner scored more than 30 goals once, in his rookie year. He never even cracked the 60pt barrier. They had no reason to go this high with him.
But you really want to take Carolina management as an example? They signed Jordan Staal to 10y for 60M, the guy never scored more than 50pts! Shall we go into the Kaberle deal? Semin? E.Staal?

Myers had a rough sophomore year. He followed it up with another disappointing season while missing almost 30 games. He gets awarded a long term deal.

Not sure how those situations resemble PK who took over the #1 Dman spot pretty much since halfway through his rookie year. The kid had been anything short of impressive and great. Sure, a few issues as with any other player, but still amazing nonetheless and there was no reason to doubt this was going to change.
Knowing his impressive leaps in progression ever since the junior days, and his work ethic both during games, in practice and off the ice, I don't see why anybody would have doubts about this guy.
So really, we're not talking about a player who's coming back from two rather disappointing seasons here..

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