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06-10-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post
In fairness, he hadn't actually decided he could play in the league... played with no belief or confidence. Otherwise, agree. Not a good choice.

On the broader discussion, based on our long track record with GMDP and the junk availbable this year, the highly improbable "big" signing is just that... highly improbable. Other than Arnott and Kariya ( and perhaps Dumont with extenuating circumstances), our big summer UFA signings in 15 years are, what? Lombardi... Bonk.... DeVries? Instead, we are more likely to see:

1. a trade of the solid but unspectacular affairs for which Poile is known (think Brad Bombadier, Danny Markov, Jason York on defense Rem Murray, Mike Sillinger, Peter Tenkrat on offense)
2. an unknown older European signing (Zidlicky sort of fit this bill albeit post trade.... Orszagh)
3. unspectacular "minor" signing that (perhaps) manages to be a pleasantly surprising bandaid (Bonk, Andreas Johansson, Randy Robitaille, Jamie Allison, Lilja*)
not really fair to lump all these things together. the team right now is actually in a similar situation as when the arnott and kariya signings and the sullivan trade happened, ie, its pretty clear we are close enough to competitive that a significant upgrade makes sense, and we have the OK from ownership to spend money.

truth is, if we are fully healthy, add forsberg and the #4 pick, we are basically only a 2nd pair dman away from being a solid playoff team, and another top 6 winger from being seriously competitive

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