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06-10-2013, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
Do we have the offensive personnel to accomplish that, though?
We're not scoring anyway, we might as well try to possess the puck. Sitting back because we're afraid we can't score is only gonna make things harder on Hank and the D. It's not really about the offense, it's about Hank. Hank is better against good chances anyway. Most of the goals that beat him are chintzy. I'd rather let him handle a run and gun than collapse and let the other team set up.

And no we might not have the finishers to put up alot of goals, but it isn't just about goals. Hockey is a two-way street. Offense is defense and vice versa. Playing ultra-defensive just means defending more. Defending more inherently means giving the other teams more looks at our net. So I think a more offensive approach would help our defense.

Of course more aggression involves risks. The beauty of having a Lundqvist is being able to take those risks.

And do I think we're gonna be a high-scoring team? No. We lack finishers. But I absolutely believe we have enough grit and speed to keep the puck in their zone, I believe we have talented enough defenders to get the damn thing back instead of running away as soon as they get the puck, and I believe we have enough passing ability to move the damn thing up the ice like a real ****ing hockey team instead of constantly dumping. I don't think we're gonna be the Pittsburgh Penguins but I do think we have enough skill to add one goal here and there so it's not a constant 2-1 grind.

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