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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Aren't you one to often complain about Price's deal?? Pretty ironic..
So Price gets a bridge deal, plays decent (according to you), then signs a huge deal, and now you keep complaining about how he's overpaid.
How do you then go around calling it a good policy?? Kind of contradictory.
Shall we add on the extension to DD?
This was discussed ad nauseam and I can't believe I still have to bring this up again but Price and MaxPac had not proven anything close to what PK had when they signed their bridge deal. Not everybody is on the same level, that's such a kindergarten way of thinking.

Also, Bergevin wasn't the one signing Price and MaxPac to bridge deals. So whatever deal players signed before him don't mean squat.

You're pretty tough to follow here. On one hand you keep bringing up how we will be paying PK his fair value so you have no issues with it, and yet, Bergevin made PK miss the beginning of the season because he did not want to give PK fair value. PK was used as our #1 Dman since halfway through his rookie year, but our GM felt he deserved to be paid like a bottom pair one. Sure, totally makes sense.
Are you really this thick? This makes no sense. The policy doesn't guarantee that players perform up to their contract, it just gives a framework for managing the commitment between the player and the organization. The framework goes A-B-C, entry level, mid level, then full compensation with financial security built in.

Price has a spotty record in terms of providing good value to the club, Subban has always played to his contract. Doesn't mean the policy is bad, it means the organization takes on risk by treating their young top line drafted players in a consistent fashion.

If Price ***** the bed for 2 years it shouldn't change the policy of A-B-C, if Subban gets 8 more Norris trophies same thing. The policy forms a consistent way to deal with the athletes.

IMO , this is a great way to build loyalty in an organization that has now proclaimed itself development focused.

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