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06-11-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
I would say both years are misleading. His rookie year everything he touched the first two months went in, his 2nd year was the opposite as everything went wide and missed the mark. He was clearly effected by the injury, but I think he's somewhere between those two extremes.

Actually watching him though, he looks like he'll be a much more complimentary player than anything, deferring the more high profile roles of carrying a line to stronger linemates. Doesn't mean he isn't a good player or isn't invaluable, but that he'll be much more of a product of the team and his linemates, as opposed to Hall(or Tavares) who go out there and carry a line(or a team) regardless of who they play with.

As I said, he'll be good, but I don't see hardware(or 100 point seasons) in his future.
I think RNH and Hall are on the opposite ends of the catalyst scale. RNH pushes the play because of his elite hockey sense. He is able to find the open man and dish it to him. RNH also has/is developing elite puck possession skills. It is damn hard to get the puck from him in open ice or on the boards. The only way is physically pushing him over. However, he doesnt have the elite speed or elite shot (its good, but wasnt great last year) and he doesnt have the physicality of Hall.

On the other hand, Hall plays a wild style, he pushes the play by driving wide and using an elite shot. He is also developing good playmaking skills. That is why why many say he drives the play. However his puck possession skill in nowhere near RNHs. Alot of times he tries to toe drag in or dangle and he winds up loosing it. He then has to use force to try and get it back. His passing and overall playmaking skill is nowhere near RNHs.

I think both can carry their own lines, but in different ways.

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