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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
How do pre-order's work on Amazon? Can you cancel them or what?
Click preoder. Checkout. Done.

You don't pay until it ships. Nothing is charged to your card until the unit ships. In other words, you can still preorder now even if you're currently short on cash.

Make sure to get the Day One edition if you do preoder

EDIT: Just saw this post on another website and it helped clear up a lot of the nonsense floating around the internet:

Okay, I don't usually bite at this stuff, but the irony was palpable. Do some research before you decry the supposed benefits of your opponent's chosen hardware. Heh.

First off, your interpretation of the used game sales is blatantly wrong. The consumer does not buy the disk, then pay a fee to activate the disk. They ONLY pay the cost of the used game to the retailer. That's it. The retailer may have to take a chunk of that money, and give it to the developer (depending on what deal they have worked out), but the end user is done.

Also, I can't tell if you knew this or not (your wording doesn't make me confident either way), so I'll just point this out. It is certainly true that you can't give away a game, and then continue to play it yourself in "the cloud". We both agree there. It is, however, possible to play a game you own on ANY Xbox One. Your game data is stored in the cloud and the licence is associated with your account, so you would only have to sign in, download the game on a friend's console and start playing. Again, your friend can't play it once you sign out unless he/she buys it for their own account.

"family of four could all individually sign into their own accounts and play the same disc " Games on the original console can all be played by ANYONE signed into console. It doesn't matter who. In that respect, it also seems that the Xbox has a leg up. Did you know that the PS4 requires PS Plus account to play multiplayer? As of yet, Sony has no such "family plan" option, at least that I know of. That means each account that wants to play would need to buy a separate subscription. With the Xbox, you can share one with everyone else that uses the console. So a multiplayer game would cost a family of four people (with separate accounts) more money to play on the PS4 than the Xbox One. Though who knows what changes Sony will do to their membership now?

/ opinion time

That first bit is an awesome step in the right direction. Used games profits used to only go to the retailer, so splitting up some of that to go toward the people involved with the game is great. The end user *shouldn't* see any price increase either in the used market, despite this. If you can't see why, I'll be happy to explain it to you.

"inherent restrictions" is such a weak argument. Did you know that physical disks also have inherent restrictions? Pick your poison. I'd argue that Microsoft's new scheme gives you a few extra tricks for sharing, which more or less make up for the format's limitations.

If you need a source, all of what I said comes straight from the horse's mouth. Most of it is on that website below, the rest of it was stuff announced in their conferences. If you need to find the source of something in particular, I'd be happy to help you.

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