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06-11-2013, 09:03 AM
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What did Torts ask for after loosing to NJD? Better scorers. Bigger stars. There is a cap in this league.

No. Its impossible to see how that could be done. We need superstar scorers who are better than BR, Gabby and Nash offensively, but we still apparantly need to ice 12 forwards with the attitude of Brandon Prust.

Many are fast to point out that Slats is at fault too. Believe me, I am not the biggest Slats fan. But I am not even sure I agree with that. Loosing Prust stung, sure. But I think its BS to say that we didn't have depth last season. Our 4th line was definitely on par with most other teams' 4th line. We paid alot to get someone like Pyatt, he is what Torts wanted. Someone who got a ton of size along the walls and got decent skill. Not alot of skill, yes, but did Torts ask for skill? No. The mix of a Pyatt and Zucc costs you 7m per and a ton of assets. That player is not an option for a 3rd line in the NHL. You gotta choose between size or skill, Torts wanted size.[QUOTE]

Addressing bolded text:

1. Torts did not ask for bigger stars - he asked for more scoring depth.

2. The team did not need bigger superstars in terms of names. What needed was superstars and role players performing at their respective levels (or exceeding them). How is it Torts fault that roster that Sather put together would underperform (overall basis). We knew what Gabby could do in Torts system, we knew what Richards could do as well from his first year with the Rangers and were hoping for more with better players around him. Instead, for whatever reasons (not Torts, at least from an outsider perspective) both of these players fell flat on their faces creating different scoring depth issues that Nash's trade was supposed to fix.

3. Re. 4th line - again if we needed the 4th line that's on a par with the rest of the league - then we did just fine this season finishing in 5 - 8 group. However, if needed to get to top 1-2, then this is what should be the measuring stick for our 4th line. This is a roster issue so by default it should point to Sather . More, I hated that both 3rd and 4th lines had to be essentially completely rewamped (including underestimating the market for Prust and letting Mitchell leave for a reasonable $alary) but still no better than a year before. Worse - it caused a loss of continuity / need to rebuilt this link to know what your teammate is going to do in a situation where it must be done in a split second as a reaction instead of a thought.

4. Not sure what you mean by Pyatt and Zuke costing $7 m in cap space and what assets?

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