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06-11-2013, 09:08 AM
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A deeper hollow will give you more “grip” on the ice, thus your skate blade will “feel” sharper. Advantages: Edges will “bite” more in turns, giving more control to hold the edge(s). Disadvantages: Could cause you to lose speed due to the fact the blade is digging into the ice surface more.

A shallower hollow will still have “grip” - but less than that of a deeper hollow. Thus having the feeling of not being as sharp. Advantages: a smoother gliding feeling due to less drag. Easier stops and starts. Disadvantages: Less “bite” in turns. Edges may feel like they are sliding out from under you.

I prefer mine at 1/2" for the bite and speed... and usually have them sharpened ever 4-5 skates.

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