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06-11-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
I have all 3 current gen systems and nothing Sony has done in the last 7 years has excited me, not even this. Seems to me it's best to stick with the current gen for as long as possible. Sony looks good here because Microsoft looks bad. It still doesn't make the PS4 exciting or even interesting. The PS3 and Vita weren't exactly world beaters next to their Nintendo counterparts, so I'm not trusting the PS4 to be good just because the One looks like crap.
I'm not a huge console gamer myself, I only play a little here and there.
I've always liked that Sony has throw ins on each new console though.
PS2 had a built in DVD player, Microsoft charged you for the add on (IIRC)
PS3 had a built in blue ray player, and Microsoft lost by throwing in with HDDVD... not to mention the PS Network is free and was WIFI capable from the get go.

I know Xbox Live doesn't cost all that much, but Sony has just always been better to their customers IMO.

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