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06-11-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Is your GF 100% sure she is ready for a puppy? Has she had dogs before? will she and you have tons of time for the dog? Puppies are a lot of work early on and take lots of time and patience. Even after they grow up dogs are still a major responsibility, long term.

I'm not trying to rain on a parade but it's important to be 100% sure you have the time for a pup and dog as they grow.

re breeders, do a web search for the breed and alberta and you should fund some, look at their web site and look for the health guarantees you seek. fire off email questions to them. Visit the breeder if you can to see their set up. It should be a nice clean facility and try and stay away from breeders that have too many breeding dogs.
Hard not to get kinda bristled at your post. We're not 15 YO's who don't understand what responsibility and commitment mean. Yes, she's sure she wants a puppy.

She is the type of person who doesn't eat at a restaurant before reading up about it on several sites like urbanspoon, and other websites before "committing" to a meal. She is actually doing so much research into it, which is why she's having issues finding a good enough breeder. Yes, we've done web searches. She's been on kijiji for weeks, contacting every breeder that looks half-ways reliable. She's still having issues with the specifications she wants.

She visited one in particular that had one of the best websites, and the specifications she desired, but upon going to visit, the house was a mess, hair not even attempted to be cleaned up, the owner was in bare feet, and her feet we pitch black from the dirt on the floor, 5 puppies kept in the same small kennel (which she banged on to try and stop them from whining), and she wasn't allowed to see the parents because 'they were outside.' Very sketchy situation to say the least.

The reason why I posted on here, was that she wasn't having too much luck atm, and I figured some posters may have some good places they know.

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