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06-11-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Potrzebie View Post
He's not just reporting it as a rumor. He is trying really hard to convince the reader by implying that the blogger somehow writes in some sort of official capacity. Accredited blogger?
Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
No offense intended, but he most certainly is reporting it as a rumour when he credits the report to someone else and follows with...
Gotta agree with Gump here. I read the board here before reading it and the article i found was not what i expected based off some of the vitrol here.

I'm by no means a lawless supporting and i get frustrated with his lack of credible reporting a lot of the time as well (he really doesn't do a good job of separating his reports from his opinions) but the general tone of this article, to me, was very soft on the accusation- I didn't get that he was trying to pass it off as fact.

yes he did mention Pete was 'accredited" and did try to make him look at least a little more official then a random hockey blogger, but he never really referenced the "situation" as fact within the article and prefaced it everytime with "soft" language.

I'm not really a fan of lawless's writing either, but i'm thinking some of us are "looking" for things to take issue with him at this point.

And in general he's right. if Buff is 300+ it'll be hard to trade him.

So.... once this gets syndicated, get ready for the lowball offers for fatty mc fatlyn from other fanbases.

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