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06-11-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Aries56 View Post
Don't believe it for a second. 303 is BIG, there's no way Buff looked THAT big by the end of the year. Didn't he also start the season in pretty good shape? somewhere around 240?

What kind of journalist relies on a guy like Tessier as the source for their story? How desperate is that? Lawless is gaining a reputation for making an issue where there is no issue. How many articles has Lawless written now that have turned out to be completely untrue.
Buff's "ideal" playing weight has been said to be in the 265-270 lbs range, if memory serves. But I don't remember any reports of him being in good shape in the past year (in fact I thought I heard the opposite before the season started), so it's very possible he started the year in the 280's. Who knows?

But I can't believe some of you are getting on Lawless for this article. He reported a rumour, sure, but he VERY clearly labelled it as such. There were no grand statements of hyperbole, just some speculation based on a rumour. And if you think Buff's conditioning is 'no issue', I'd hate to see what you would have issue with...

Buff's weight is an issue, and it's fair game (and relevant) to report on.

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